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About Us

Our mission boils down to the fact that we want to make dental care for animals affordable and available to every pet owner and part of their regular general health routine because it is more important than many pet owners realize.

Pet owners want their animals to live healthy, long, happy lives. At Forever Pet Dental our goal is to help our customers provide that desired life for their pets. We believe that some of the key elements to keeping a pet healthy are dental health care and a great relationship with your veterinary clinic. Forever Pet Dental is committed to exceptional customer service that delights every client and top-quality patient care that caters to each individual need. We offer a range of services to fit every client’s needs at affordable prices and offer state of the art medical technology.

At Forever Pet Dental we are working to change the status quo:

23 percent of dogs and cats with moderate to severe dental disease have no recommendation for a dental cleaning, and it is estimated that 80 percent or more of dogs and cats older than two years have some evidence of dental disease that requires treatment.

We promote annual dental cleanings as part of regular veterinary care because most dogs and cats require at least annual dental cleanings to maintain good oral health.

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends dental cleanings annually after 1 year of age for cats and small dogs, or 2 years of age for large dogs.

We aspire to help people help their pets live a life free of dental pain and disease.

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