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Doing Our Part To Prevent Covid-19

At Forever Pet Dental we take your personal health and safety seriously. As a veterinary health care facility, universal precautions are always in place in our office.


Fleas are tiny parasitic insects that bite other animals to feed on blood. They have no wings but an uncanny ability to jump over a foot in distance. A flea may jump from host to host in order to obtain a blood meal. Female fleas lay eggs in batches of about 20 and they can hatch within two days

Home Dental Care - A Relatable Perspective

Hello!  I thought I’d share this article with everyone.  It’s about human home dental care, but the same is true for dogs and cats!....

Forever Pet Dental Accepting Nominations To Help Military Families This Holiday Season

Forever Pet Dental is accepting nominations of veterans or families of veterans to receive a special gift for their furry family members this holiday season. The three servicemen or women chosen will be provided with a complete dental cleaning and treatment package for their pets at no charge to them....

Dog Days Of Summer Event!

Hello dog owners! In case you didn’t know this Saturday, June 8th is the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER event at Dakota off-leash dog park in East Vancouver! We’ll be a vendor at the event providing free dental treats...

A Severe Result From Dental Disease

We recently saw a sweet, senior Chihuahua for a dental cleaning.  Unfortunately, he had suffered a severe consequence of periodontal disease…

The Terrible Consequences Of Ignoring

All pet owners know that regular veterinary care is important to keep their pets healthy. But what many don’t know about is the importance of annual dental care for their pets....

Thank You To Our Amazing Staff Members!

I just can’t help but applaud the amazing staff here at Forever Pet Dental. These wonderful ladies are dedicated to our clients, our patients, veterinary care, and providing everyone with an amazing experience....

Bringing Home A New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is always exciting. However, it’s also a big responsibility. Make sure that you and your family are prepared for the short-term, high demands of a puppy as well as the 10+ year commitment of caring for a dog through their lifespan.

Correcting Unwanted Behavior In Cats And Dogs

First off, you want to ensure that the undesirable behavior is not the symptom of a medical health problem. Not uncommonly, behaviors such as refusing to use the little box or excessive barking can indicate a larger issue. 

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