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The Importance of Annual Dental Cleanings in Dogs & Cats


A great example of the importance of annual dental care. The featured headline picture is of a lower left molar in an older dog from 2017. At that time the tooth had evidence of periodontal disease, but since it was a very large and important chewing tooth, we decided to try to save it. The diseased tooth in front of it was extracted and we cautioned the pet owner that this tooth could destabilize over time but we wanted to give it a chance to stay in the pet’s mouth. It was a good thing that the dog returned the next year for his annual dental cleaning because this tooth had significantly worsened and was developing a tooth abscess (arrows). It was extracted and this pooch is feeling much better! Things can change quickly in our furry friends, especially as they get older!
Please give us a call to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning! We provide affordable dental care for dogs and cats in Portland and Vancouver so that we can help as many animals as possible!
Portland / Beaverton location phone: 503-621-9107
Vancouver location phone: 360-859-3790


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