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Thank you to our amazing staff members!

Staff members

I just can’t help but applaud the amazing staff here at Forever Pet Dental. These wonderful ladies are dedicated to our clients, our patients, veterinary care, and providing everyone with an amazing experience. I have to share the email below (which I received from a client) because I love when other people notice what I see everyday in our team members! Keep up the good work!!!  -Dr. Jacqueline Myers

“My pup, Hallie, came in for a dental cleaning for her first time. Our experience was perfection. From the moment I first called and spoke with Vicki. She was so informative, in a clear, calm and most reassuring manner. I so appreciated her because there is a degree of apprehension when we know our dog is being put under anesthesia. She called two more times before our appt to confirm in the same calm and reassuring way she has. Once we arrived at 7:30am, I met the rest of your staff; smiles, loving Hallie and professional. Your office is very easy to find, coming from Portland. It was immaculate and that is important to us. After the procedure, I was so impressed with the chat from the associate vet, including before and after photos of Hallie’s teeth. All of this; the cleaning, meds, sedation, anesthesia, staff conferences, and monitoring Hallie afterwards…..superb! The fact that it cost only $185 and tax for OR residents is waived just put it all over the top. Kudos to Forever Pet! See you next year.”

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